If you are asking yourself, who is Alexis Rodman?, you are not alone. Many people are curious about her, including her parents, who played basketball in the NBA and her famous brother. Although Rodman supported his daughter’s career, he was not active on social media. Here, we will discuss her background and the details of her family, including the names of her father and her stepmother. She is a mixed-race woman who is of African and Caucasian ancestry.

Alexis Rodman biography

Alexis Rodman is the daughter of renowned basketball player Dennis and Annie Bakes. Alexis has a mixed ethnicity and is an American national. Her parents began dating in the mid-1980s and moved in together in 1987. She has no siblings but shares a close bond with her father. However, she has kept her private life very well and has not spoken about her relationships with the males of her family.

She is of mixed race with African-American and Caucasian ancestry

The actress and model is of mixed racial origin. She is a member of the mixed race community, a category that is defined by the fact that she has both Caucasian and African-American ancestry. She has been married twice. In 2014, she married Robert Bunfill in a private ceremony. In 2017, she welcomed a son named Vincent. The couple has been married for two years and welcomed a son Vincent.

She is married to Robert Banfill

Professional soccer player Alexis Rodman is married to sportsman Robert Bunfill. She is the youngest player drafted into the NWSL and plays forward for the Washington Spirit. The couple married in a private ceremony on August 30, 2014. Rodman and Banfill have two young children. Alexis is 5 feet 10 inches tall and has 34-26-39-inch body measurements. Her marriage was announced to the world indirectly through her father.

She has a stepbrother and a stepsister

If a woman has a stepbrother and stepsister, does she have the right to marry them? The answer depends on the family history of the couple. A stepbrother or a stepsister who is not a descendant of the stepfather is considered to be her stepsister. It is not necessarily a sin to marry a stepsister, but it should be viewed with caution.

She has a college basketball player for a brother

The daughter of Dennis and Michelle Rodman is an active soccer player, and she has represented her high school in tournaments. She’s a forward and a force on the court, and her mother, Trin Rodman, has worn a “Team Trin” hat. She was almost drafted by the University of California, Los Angeles, but ultimately decided to attend Washington State University. Since then, she has become the top recruit in the history of WSU. Her decision to attend WSU may have been influenced by her brother, who is a Division I player.

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