As a result of her controversial comment, Amanda Duarte, a New York City-based actor, writer, and comedian, has garnered a lot of attention on Twitter.

Amanda Duarte accused of being a racist

Amanda Duarte is a writer and performer living in New York who works on a variety of projects.

She also writes for The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Time Out New York, and she performs regularly in comedy and storytelling venues throughout the city.

Duarte hosts a reading series called Dead Darlings, where artists share work that they had to change or discard. Staying Alive, Duarte’s most recent play, explores what happened when “her marriage, her body, and her democracy” all failed at the same time.

Let’s take a look at Amanda Duarte’s Wikipedia page and her racist statements to learn more about her.

Amanda Duarte, the host of Dead Darlings, does not have a biography on Wikipedia.

She claims to be a filmmaker and performer on her IMDb page, having worked on films including Citizen Candy Man: A Chocumentary (2005), Accident, Suicide or Murder (2015), and No Denying Love (2011).

Amanda began her career as a regional theater actor before traveling to New York City to pursue a career on Broadway, according to The Creative Independent. The Big Apple, on the other hand, had other plans for her.

Furthermore, after becoming dissatisfied with herself, she stopped acting and began writing. She began her career as a storyteller before moving on to work as a writer for a variety of publications.

Amanda Duarte racist tweet

During the Roe v Wade debate, Amanda made a racially inflammatory remark. The actress, however, dropped the bombshell after advocating a racial message in filthy and violent language.

The actress discussed how white nationalist lawmakers would respond if their white daughters were raped and impregnated by black guys.

Regardless, her point of view appears to influence the guided races. She appears to have deactivated her account out of fear of fines.

People have already condemned her remark, and her insensitivity in referring to people’s race and customs appears to have pushed her into the spotlight, as the media has also reported on it.

The United States Supreme Court has suggested that a leaked draft judgment overturning the top court’s precedent-setting Roe V Wade decision, which established women’s right to abortion, is “genuine” but not an ultimate decision.

Amanda Duarte deletes her Twitter account after tweeting in regard to abortion ban

After that, Amanda Duarte, the host of Dead Darlings, made racist statements on Twitter.

Despite the fact that she deleted her Twitter account after making racist remarks, the social media platform is still on fire.

Amanda had previously apologized for her offensive and racist statement in a tweet. She’s gone so far as to say she won’t try to justify or explain herself.

Who is Amanda Duarte and what did she tweeted in regard to abortion ban?
Amanda Duarte tweet

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