Most celebrity spouses are frequently as well-liked as their husbands. Amanda Moye isn’t an outlier in this regard. For many movie fans met her through her spouse, who is an international celebrity.

Amanda has kept much of her life a secret, there are a few facts about her that you might find interesting. The simple fact that she has been able to keep most of her private life private is a feat on its own.

Amanda Moye was born in the United States. Though the wife of a celebrity, details surrounding her life have been kept on the low from the public for some time now. As a result of this mystery, determining Amanda Moye Brown’s age, siblings, or parents is nearly difficult. However, the media has been able to deduce some of the details on Amanda Moye Brown’s life and her career.

Is Amanda Moye Brown a performer or a model? She was previously employed at Disney ABC Television Group. She worked as a coordinator for the mega-media company for a long period.

Here are some quick facts about Moye Brown:

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Amanda Moye Brown Quick Facts

Who is Amanda Moye Brown? Learn Everything there is to know

1. Birth name

Her full name is Amanda Moye Brown.

2. Place of birth

Amanda was born in the United States.

3. Spouse

James Wesley “Wes”

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4. Children

The couple currently has one child, Merribeth Brown

5. Profession

was the Former coordinator at Disney ABC Television Group.

6. Height:

Amanda is believed to be 5’8”.

7. Nationality


Who is Amanda Moye Brown’s Husband?

Who is Amanda Moye Brown? Learn Everything there is to know

Amanda Moye Brown’s spouse, who is he? By now, it should be apparent that she is James Wesly “Wes” Brown’s wife. Wes is well-known for his roles in a number of films and television series. Christmas at Graceland, Love Under the Stars, Deception, Storm War, and Once Upon a Time are just a few of them.

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