This article primarily focuses on the role of Amie Donald in the James Wan’s upcoming film M3GAN. This time around, Amie Donald is going to perform the titular role just as other great actors have done before.

Who is Amie Donald?

Amie Donald is one of the youngest actresses who is widely known for her roles in, The Tank, Sweet Tooth (2021) and the upcoming horror film M3GAN (2023)

Amie Donald is currently 12 years old as of 2022.

Who is Amie Donald in the new 'M3GAN' movie?
Amie Donald

Let’s now consider whom Amie Donald is in the upcoming James Wan’s film, M3GAN. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

Who is Amie Donald in the new ‘M3GAN’ movie?

Amie Donald, the 12 years old actress who comes from New Zealand, is also by her posts on Instagram as an accomplished professional dancer.

Donald is represented by the adorably named Bubblegum Talent Agency who congratulated her through a Facebook post in May 2022.

It was said in the post that, “We are absolutely thrilled to finally announce that our amazing AMIE DONALD was cast as a lead role in the American horror film M3GAN, being released on the uber appropriate date of Friday 13th January 2023”.

Who is Amie Donald in the new 'M3GAN' movie?

In most of director James Wan’s horror movies, the titular roles are played by various actors but in the upcoming M3GAN horror film, the titular role is going to Amie Donald.

Apparently, Amie Donald was able to complete the movie right before Auckland entered another lockdown in August 2021. It’s clear she was cast for this part due to her incredible roster of skills, which is impressive at such a young age.

“As her debut into international movie roles, the multi-talented youngster utilized not only her acting skills but had the opportunity to use her extensive dance training AND performed her own stunts. “

M3GAN trailer

When will M3GAN be released?

The M3GAN horror film will be released in theaters on Friday, January 13, 2023, just dome few months from now.


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