Danielle Maltby is one of the contestants on Bachelor In Paradise. How much do you know about Danielle Maltby? Read this article to find out everything about Danielle Maltby.

Who Is Danielle Maltby?

Danielle Maltby was a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise. Danielle appeared in season 4 and season 21 of the show.

Not much has been disclosed about her personal life.

Danielle Maltby Career

Aside from being a reality show star, Danielle Maltby is also a nurse. Danielle works as a neonatal nurse for a hospital in Nashville.

US Weekly reported in October 2022 that Danielle is now employed as a “nurse injector” and also has her podcast called WoMed.

Not much has been disclosed about her career.

Why Did Danielle Maltby Quit Season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise?

Danielle Maltby was previously featured on season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise. However, after a few episodes on the show, Danielle disappeared. Danielle quit in week 2 of the show.

It has still not been disclosed why Danielle left the show back then. It is however known that her reason for leaving the show was personal. According to Bustle, Maltby volunteered her nursing skills in Africa.

Who Is Danielle Maltby’s Ex-Fiance, Nick Haag?

In one of the episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, Danielle disclosed she was previously engaged to a guy named Nick Haag. According to Danielle, she and Nick were together for 11 years.

According to Us Weekly, the duo had been engaged for just three months before Nick passed away from a drug overdose. “I didn’t even know he was an addict, so it was a complete shock,” she revealed.

Who Is Danielle Maltby Dating Now?

Danielle Maltby is currently reported to be in a relationship with Micahel Allio. The pair have been together since they connected on Bachelor In Paradise.

They have not made any comments on their relationship publicly yet. Currently, their relationship is just a rumour.


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