A recent wedding took place between the South Korean rapper Beenzino and the German actress and model Stefanie Michova. On August 5, the rapper posted a few pictures of himself with Michova on social media to announce the news. He declared

most recent news. Beenzino and Stefanie Michova were secretly married at the Borough Office of Yongsan District in a grandiose ceremony. The employees of the Borough Office in Yongsan District started to sweat as they finished Beenzino’s marriage registration paperwork.

Michova also shared many images of herself with a bouquet of flowers while carrying a white outfit.

What you need to know about Stefanie Michova, Beenzino’s partner

It was previously mentioned that Stefanie Michova is a German actress and model. The actress, who was born on June 8, 1991, has been in many TV commercials for brands including Chabien Mask and MGM Casino. The 31-year-old has also appeared in the films Unbloomed, Hooked, and Key West as an actor.

Michova, who lives in Los Angeles, makes frequent business trips to Korea. She is currently represented by the modeling agency Wilhelmina. In order to start her modeling career, she initially signed up with Dragon Heart Global in 2015.

Michova studied acting at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Premiere Acting School in Santa Monica, California. She has appeared in many music videos, such as Good Boy, Rollercoaster, Love Is A Temple, Black Magic, Long Live A$AP, Uncommitted, and others.

She made her writing and directing debut with the 2017 short film Rise and Shine. Stefanie is active on Instagram, where she has around 274,000 followers.

Despite the fact that they began dating in 2015, they were first seen together in 2014.Stefanie Michova and himHe goes by the name Lim Sung-bin as well. However, Lim revealed their relationship in June 2015 after posting a picture of Michova online.

Lim later said on KBS2’s Yoo Hee-Sketchbook Yeol’s in 2016 that dating Michova had changed his demeanor. He had allowed fame to nourish his ego, he said, and after meeting Michova, everything had changed. Lim asserted that Michova had taught him how to be modest and humble.

Lim once asserted that he began to appreciate traveling and flying once Stefanie entered his life. He characterized Michova as a girl from the country.

“Stefanie and I didn’t instantly click, but by the time we were on our third trip together, I found her to be really appealing.” She speaks really simply. Stefanie and I once went to New York together, and while we were having fun shopping, Stefanie started crying and said, “I don’t even like it.” Shopping is quite draining. I was actually surprised. I realized she wasn’t completely what I had imagined.

They frequently post pictures of one another on social media, and they’ve been spotted together several times.

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