Who is Bonang Matheba’s boyfriend? Meet all the men the TV star has dated.

Bonang Matheba is a finest South African media personality and businesswoman who has established her root in the entertainment industry.

Also, her followers on social media, Instagram to be precise, makes her one of the most influential celebrities in South Africa with over 4.3 million followers.

As successful as she is, Bonang is not married or just to say, known to have a boyfriend currently, unless she is keeping it private.

Few Men She Has Dated In The Past.

1. AKA.

Bonang Matheba and South African rapper, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA once served as celebrity couple goals to their fans.

Their relationship started after AKA dumped DJ Zinhle who was his lover at that time.

Bonang and AKA finally parted ways in 2017, after the rapper claimed Bonang bewitched him.

2. D’Banj Also Dated Bonang Matheba.

Nigerian Popstar, D’Banj had a relationship with Queen B for a short while in 2015.

It became publicly known after Bonang referred to D’Banj as ‘bae’, when wishing him a happy birthday on twitter.

After a short time, the Nigerian singer dumped Bonang as he went back for her former lover Adama Indimi. It was terrible experience for her.

3. DJ Euphonik Also Had His Way Into Bonang’s Heart.

DJ Euphonik and Bonang at a point in time turned out to be ‘the couple’ of South Africa with a great affection for each other that was seen publicly.

Just after we thought they would last forever, the two former love birds ended their relationship violently, which landed in the country.

4. Her Relationship With Da L.E.S Which Was Not Known By Many.

Less information was known about Da L.E.S relationship with Bonang Matheba even up till date, from how they met each other till what led to their break up.

5. Slikour Was Bonang’s Favourite Boyfriend.

Siyabonga Metane, popularly known as Slikour is counted among the ex-boyfriends of Bonang Matheba.

As it stands now, Queen B has disclosed that Slikour was by so far the best boyfriend she had. They started dating in 2007

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t further continue forever with their relationship and quitted.


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