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Who is Cardi b mother?

Who Is Cardi B Mother?: One of Americans best selling female rapper, Cardi B known in real life as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar has a daring personality among all the crop of female rappers that have come through the music industry and his lifestyle of spewing her mind regardless of any issue that will surface being political or industry base issue is widely admired by many people.

She has proved that she’s worth the huge audience that’s making her records blast on the charts because her first debut album which has the ‘Bodak Yellow’ tune is an evidence that she’s here to stay.

It’s pretty obvious that people might be checking if Cardi B’s mother is also having a daring attitude like the multiple awards winning rapper and this whole life kickstarted when she was in the Highbridge neighborhood in South Bronx

Who Is Cardi B Mother?

Who Is Cardi B Mother?
Cardi B on right

Cardi B’s early life

The rapper was born on October 11th, 1992 in Washington Heights Manhattan by a Trinidadian mother whose descendants come from Spaniards and Africa, the father is a Dominican and was officially named Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. She spent most of her childhood living in her father’s grandmother’s home in Washington Heights.

The rapper cum mother has opened up about her life on how she used to be a gang member at the age of 16 years and attended Renaissance High School to study Music Theatre and Technology. Her stage name ‘Cardi B’ is said to have been derived from a rum brand dubbed Bacardi and that was where she kickstarted the journey of music

Cardi B’s Parents

Who Is Cardi B Mother?
Cardi B and mother on the top, father below

The Gold-certified female rapper was birthed by Carlos Almánzar, a Dominican and mother also known as Clara Almánzar, of Trinidadian descent. The mother was a cashier in the supermarket and the father was also a cab driver. Aside from Cardi B they have another child known as Hennessy Carolina born in 1995.

Since the rapper attained her spot as one of the best female rappers in the world, she has constantly been praising her parents as she one time stated that if it’s not their advice and she would have ended up being under six feet ground.

Clara and Carlos Almánzar’s second daughter, Hennessy Carolina has also become one of the social media influencers who’s having a huge number of followers on the digital space.

Is Cardi B’s mother still married to her husband?

Clara Almánzar is still solid with her lovely husband as there’s not been much news reported about them since their daughter came to the limelight and from the numerous Interviews of Cardi B she hasn’t made any statement that suggests that her parents are not together

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