Carlos Alcaraz Garfia or Carlos Alcaraz was born 5 May 2003. He is a Spanish professional tennis player. He is currently ranked as the world No. 1 singles player by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Alcaraz has won six ATP Tour singles titles, including the 2022 US Open and two Masters 1000 titles.

Who is Carlos Alcaraz Mother?

Virginia Garfia is the all known mother of Carlos Alcaraz. She is said to be almost 60years, although her bio is in privacy.

Virginia is a mother of four. Less is known about her life aside being the mother of the tennis player.

Who is Virginia Garfia’s husband?

Carlos Alcaraz González is the husband of Virginia Garfia Escandón. Aside this, there are no further details about the two parents of the tennis player

How many children does Virginia Garfia and husband has?

Carlos is not the only child of his parents, he has three siblings. His siblings are, Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia, Jaime Alcaraz Garfia, and Sergio Alcaraz Garfia.


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