Chad Daybell was born on August 11, 1968, in Provo, Utah. In March 2019, he married Tamara “Tammy” Douglas.

Two weeks after his wife’s death, Daybell got married to his second wife, Lori Vallow in Hawaii. Lori Vallow was born on June 26, 1973.

Lori Ryan Daybell, also known as Lori Vallow Daybell, was originally born Lori Norene Cox. She was born in San Bernardino, California.

When she was 19, she married her high school boyfriend, Nelson Yanes. The pair got divorced shortly afterwards.

When she was in 22 years, she got married to William Lagioia. They had a son named Colby.

Who Is Chad Daybell’s Wife Lori Vallow?
Chad Daybell

Their marriage lasted for only three years. Lori then got married to Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr. in 2001.

The pair gave birth to Tylee in 2001. Ryan filed for divorce of their marriage in 2004.

In 2006, Lori got married to Leland Anthony Vallow, also known as Charles Vallow, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple adopted Lori Vallow’s grandnephew, Joshua Jaxon “J.J.” Vallow in 2013.

Her then-husband was killed by her brother Alex Cox in July 2019. Alex Cox escaped jail time claiming the death happened in self-defence.

In November that year, Daybell got married to Lori Vallow.

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