Kamal Ranadive was an Indian biomedical researcher born on November 8, 1917 in the city of Pune, India.

Known for her health related researches, Kamal’s work focuses on different kinds of cancer and well known for Pioneering cancer research.

Kamal Ranadive studied at the HHCP High School and proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the early 1930s and obtained her Master’s degree in Cytogenetics of Annocacae from the Agriculture College.

With her determination to get to the very top, Kamal went ahead to bag a doctoral degree in Cytology.

Kamal Ranadive was a founding member of the Indian Women Scientists’ Association and considered as a great leader and mentor who helped in the establishment of a number of research centres in India.

Who is Dr Kamal Ranadive? What was the mission of Kamal Ranadive?
Kamal Ranadive

As the director of the ICRC and a pioneer in animal modeling of cancer development, Ranadive was among the first researchers in India to propose a link between breast cancer and heredity and to identify the links among cancers and certain viruses.

With many experience undef her belt,Kamal Ranadive also worked as a Senior Research Officer for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

What was the mission of Kamal Ranadive?

Kamal Ranadive was very determined to make a difference in the world especially when it comes to issues of Cancer.

Her simply to help people understand cancer and its relationship with heredity. Kamal Ranadive served as a role model who pioneered the formation of some research offices and improve the interest of females to study science.