A content creator named Eno Alaric or radianttimetraveler has posted a video on Tik Tok claiming that he is from the year 2671.

He has predicted 5 future events that will transform humankind. One of the events is Aliens landing on Earth via Meteor Strike on December 8.

Ancient species could be found in Mariana Trench in March 2023. He also said that a 3ft tall spider, 18ft tall bear and 1ft tall ant will also be discovered in January 2023.

A 750ft tall tsunami will hit on the West Coast, particularly in San Francisco. The James Webb Telescope will find a new planet that is a mirror image of Earth on November 30.

Who Is Eno Alaric?

Eno Alaric is a TikToker who claims to be a time traveller from 2671. He came into the spotlight after he predicted five events which he claims will happen to earth beginning the next six months.

Not much is known about Eno Alaric. His actual identity is not revealed.

Eno Alaric TikTok

Eno’s username on TikTik is @radianttimetraveller.

You can watch the video


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