Who Is Evie In Manifest?

Evie was a character in NBC’s manifest. She was portrayed by actress, Elizabeth Bart. Evie made an appearance only in the third episode of Manifest.

Manifest is an NBC supernatural TV series. It was premiered on September 24, 2018, and concluded on June 10, 2021. It was recently moved to Netflix and is set to premiere in 2021/2022. The series is about the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner that suddenly appears after it was presumed he was dead for over five years.

Who Is Evie?

Evie was the third of The Three Amigos. She was best friends with Michaela and Lourdes. Her character was played by Elizabeth Bart.

Who Is Evie In Manifest?
Credit: Simoné Elizabeth Bart

How Did Evie Die?

Evie died in a car accident. Michaela was driving during the accident. They two had gone to a bar on the evening of her death. Evie was drunk and Micheala was a bit tipsy.

Evie’s parents blamed Michaela for the death of their daughter.

Who Are Micheala and Lourdes?

Michaela and Lourdes were the best friends of Evie. They together formed The Three Amigos.

Michaela’s role was portrayed by Melissa Roxburgh whiles Lourdes is portrayed by Victoria Cartagena.

Who Is Evie In Manifest?

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Who Were Evie’s Parents?

Her parents were Glen and Beverly.

Glen was played by Andrew Sensening whilst Beverly was Adriane Lenox.

Who Is Carlos In Manifest?

After the death of Evie, her heart was donated to Carlos. He kept a picture of Evie to always remember her.


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