General Axel Booty is his name. General Booty, yes. It’s not a mistake.

But Booty is more than just a moniker. He’s a Division I quarterback prospect who’ll start his career at Tyler Junior College, and he’s the latest in a long line of Booty football stars. His uncle, John David Booty, was a starter quarterback for the University of Southern California. General Booty, a high school senior in the class of 2021, is now looking to build a reputation for himself beyond his moniker.

As General Booty approaches a probable Division I future, here’s all you need to know about him.

Who is General Booty’s girlfriend?

General Booty is yet to come out and speak about his girlfriend. It is currently unclear if he is having a girlfriend or not.

For now, there’s no information about the girlfriend of General Booty.

Who is General Booty?

General Booty (born February 7, 2002; age: 20) is a well-known football player, athlete, online celebrity, and media personality from Allen, Texas. He is well-known in the country for his incredible football skills. He was a member of the team’s quarterback position.

For his squad, he used to play for Tyler Junior College in Texas. According to rumours, he has signed a deal with the ‘Oklahoma Sooners,’ a well-known football team. After learning that he would play for the Oklahoma Sooners, he is overjoyed.

This outstanding football player is well-known around the country for his outstanding football abilities. In May 2022, the Oklahoma Sooners football team selected Booty to play quarterback for them. People began congratulating General as he announced the news on his social media accounts.

Let me notify you that he completed his basic education at a well-known public school. During an interview, he revealed that he attended four different high schools. He received his high school diploma from Allen High School in 2021. Later, he enrolled at Tyler Junior College, but in his sophomore year, he was moved to Osmania University.

General Axel Booty is his parents’ eldest son. After much searching, we discovered that his father’s name is Abram Booty, and he was a receiver at LSU. His mother, on the other hand, is Amy Booty, and she looks after the house. Both of General’s uncles, John David Booty and Josh Booty, are well-known football players.

Who is General Booty's girlfriend?

Johnny Booty, his grandfather, was a well-known coach at a prestigious university. Axel also has a younger sister, Avery Booty, who is a competitive athlete. Aside from that, General is an American national who belongs to the white ethnic group. Furthermore, he has a strong belief in Christianity.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Booty’s father, Abram, had a passion with the army as a child. When he was younger, he made the mental choice that if he ever had a son, he would call him General.

Who is General Booty's girlfriend?

Booty’s parents were supposed to refer to him by his middle name, Axel. But, according to The Dallas Morning News, when Booty was younger, he only answered to “General,” so that’s what he was called.

History of booty football

General Booty is a quarterback in his third generation. His grandfather, Johnny, was a top quarterback recruit in high school and went on to play collegiate football at both Arkansas and Mississippi State.

Josh, Abram (General’s father), John David (shown below), and Jake were Johnny’s four kids. Josh was a first-round MLB Draft pick and was named a USA Today All-American in 1993. Abram was a wide receiver at LSU and spent time in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns. Jake was an all-state quarterback in high school, and John David won two Rose Bowls at USC.

General’s mother, Amy, told The Dallas Morning News, “When you think about Shreveport (Louisiana), and you mention athletics, the Booty name is the first name that comes to mind.”

General Booty attended four different high schools.

Because the Booty family has relocated in recent years, General has attended four different high schools — two in California and one in San Antonio — before settling in Allen for his senior year.

Allen High School may ring a bell. Kyler Murray is a graduate of one of Texas’ largest and most prestigious football high schools.

(General Booty is welcome to participate.)

By the end of his senior year, Booty had thrown 27 touchdowns for Allen. Liberty, Louisiana-Monroe, McNeese State, Nicholls State, and Yale were among the Division I colleges that offered scholarships to the 6-3 senior.

Earlier this season, Booty came through with a touchdown pass with six seconds left to extend Allen’s current winning streak to 83 games. You can see some of his highlights below (but don’t search for them on Twitter using the keyword “General Booty,” because the site won’t show you any photographs or videos):

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