Gladys Liu (born 6 April 1964) is a Hong Kong-born Australian politician who has served in the Australian House of Representatives since May 2019, representing the Chisholm Division in Victoria. Liu was the first ethnically Chinese woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, defeating Jennifer Yang of the Australian Labor Party.

Liu has been chastised for her claimed ties to the Chinese Communist Party, despite her denial of deliberately linking herself with CCP members. She has also slammed Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ Belt and Road Initiative contract with the People’s Republic of China.

She routinely assisted her parents in running the family milk bar while she grew up in Hong Kong with six siblings. Gladys’ family is from Chaozhou, which she mentioned in her first address to Parliament after being elected as a member of Parliament. She attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Belilios Public School. She studied trombone and became a member of the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Liu moved to Australia in 1985 to study at La Trobe University. While attending university, she began her professional career by serving tables at The Flower Drum Restaurant. She is entirely deaf in her left ear and studied Speech Pathology. She learned Standard Chinese in Australia after becoming a native Cantonese speaker.

Following that, she spent 14 years working for the Victorian Education Department, assisting pupils with speech difficulties. She also co-owned and operated two restaurants in Box Hill and Richmond at this time.

She has worked as a government advisor for two Victorian Premiers, as well as being the President of Box Hill Chess Club and the Head of Business Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor for Canaan Lawyers. Liu has two children who went to Princeton and Harvard Business School, respectively.

In April 1992, she became an Australian citizen. Unless she proclaimed a change of nationality, she was still regarded a Chinese national in Hong Kong after 1 July 1997 under Chinese nationality legislation, which does not recognize dual nationality. She publicly declared her Australian citizenship to the Hong Kong immigration department in 2018, and they awarded legal recognition in September of that year.

Liu is one of three members of Australia’s 46th Parliament who attended high school outside of the country, the others being Kristina Keneally and Mehreen Faruqi.

Who is Gladys Liu’ husband?

Gladys Liu is currently single. Wikipedia page did not give details about her personal life.

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