Hafsat Ahmad Idris popularly known as Hafsat Idris is a Nigerian Kannywood actress who gains her recognition in 2016 after featuring in the movie Barauniya. Her stunning look in the movie won her so many accolades. Hafsat Idris was born on July 14, 1987. She is now 35 years old and still looking gorgeous.

Where is Hafsat Idris From?

The Barauniya movie actress Hafsat Idris has her lineage from Kano state in the northern part of Nigeria. They gave birth to her in Shagamu in the Ogun state where she had lived her childhood days.

Who is Hafsat Idris?
Hafsat Idris|credit: isyaku.com

How Old is Hafsat Idris?

Hafsat Idris is born on the 14th of July 1987. In July every year, she celebrates her birthday in a grand style with her family.

Is Hafsat Idris Married?

The Nigerian actress is married and blessed with four children before she rose to fame in the Kannywood movie industry. Unfortunately for Hafsat Idris, her marriage didn’t work as she expected. As of now, Hafsat Idris has not revealed who her current spouse is to the public.

What is Hafsat Idris’s Career?

Hafsat Idris in 2016 got featured in the movie titled “Barauniya” which also include Ali Nuhu. After an engagement in many businesses, She decided to take up acting, and fortunately for her, she joined the Kannywood movie industry. Hafsat Idris also set up a film production company called Ramlat Investment. She also won the female best actress Award in 2019. Hafsat herself and other movie stars like Ali Nuhu, Danja, and Sani Musa all played a role in the blockbuster movie titled “Kawaye”.

What is Hafsat Idris’s Net Worth?

Hafsat Idris has won so many awards in acting and she is also recognized among some of the female celebrity who owns a film production company. Being a determined woman, she has made a lot of income from her career as an actress and production company owner. Hafsat Idris’s net worth is close to $42,500 when estimated, that is 17 million nairas in Nigerian currency. Read also:Who is Briana Lee?

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