Jacquiline Louise Lambie is the founder and head of the Jacqui Lambie Network, an Australian political party (JLN). She served in the Tasmanian Senate from 2014 to 2017, and was re-elected in 2019.

Lambie was born in Ulverstone, Tasmania, in northwestern Australia. Her parents divorced when she was 13, and she grew up in a Devonport public housing estate, attending Devonport High School until she graduated in Year 11.

Lambie is one of only four members of Australia’s 46th Parliament who did not complete high school, along with Julie Collins, Llew O’Brien, and Terry Young.

Lambie founded the Jacqui Lambie Network political party in May 2015, with herself as its leader.

At the 2016 federal election, she was elected to a six-year term in her own right (a double dissolution). She was confirmed to have dual Australian-British citizenship in November 2017, having received British citizenship from her Scottish-born father.

She announced her resignation on November 14, 2017, as part of the parliamentary eligibility dilemma. She was likely to be replaced by Devonport Mayor Steve Martin, who was second on the JLN ticket in the 2016 federal election, following a recount.

He overcame a constitutional challenge to his own eligibility, but refused to resign so that Lambie could be appointed to a vacancy in the Senate. She kicked him out of the party for being disloyal.

Who is Jacqui Lambie’s partner?

Lambie is a mother of two children who is single. After her service in the Army, she gave birth to her first son Brentyn at the age of 18 in 1989, the result of her connection with a high school boyfriend.

While serving in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport, she met John Milverton. Milverton formally adopted Brentyn during their de facto marriage, and they went on to conceive another son, Dylan, in 1992.

Lambie and Milverton split up shortly before she was discharged from the Army in 2000. [requires citation] Her 21-year-old son’s battle with methamphetamine addiction was made public in August 2015. She’s also admitted to being addicted to painkillers and attempting suicide once.

Lambie is a resident of Burnie, which is located on Tasmania’s North Coast.

She’s joked that her ideal boyfriend had “hundreds of dollars” and “a package between their legs.” Her remarks drew a lot of ire, and she later called it her most embarrassing moment.

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