Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle is almost here, and it looks even better than the last one. Want to know who these women are? Get to know their Instagram handles, ages, and occupations. It’s never easy to figure out who is your favourite star, but don’t worry: we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up all the details you’ll need to get to know these women.

Jaz Holloway is a model, fashion designer, and entrepreneur who has participated in Too Hot to Handle season three. She’s also an entrepreneur and owns her own clothing line, Private Goods, and owns a fitness club called The Spa in Chicago.

Who is Jaz on Too Hot To Handle

Despite her many accomplishments, Jaz doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. But that won’t stop her from trying.

Izzy Holloway is a 23-year-old personal trainer from Cheltenham, U.K. She’s six-foot-tall and loves the outdoors. Her partner, Stevan, is 26 years old and a model. He’s described as a flamboyant and loud flirt and claims to have won the biggest flirt in high school. Truth is a 23-year-old basketball player from Texas who is studying criminology.

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