When cosmetics artist and YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star announced his split from longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, his fans were devastated. During their five-year relationship, the celebrity couple had raised multiple dogs and even shared a $14.6 million property.

Fans are starting to wonder if Jeffree Star has a new lover or if he’s still healing from his former relationship after more than a year has passed since Jeffree and Nathan broke up. Here’s all we know about the YouTube star’s love life, including his rumored new love.

Who Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and former singer-songwriter from the United States. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is his company, which he founded and owns.

Beauty Killer, Star’s studio album released in 2009, featured songs like “Lollipop Luxury” with Nicki Minaj. To promote his music, he went on multiple global tours. He signed to Konvict Muzik in 2010, but quit the industry in 2013, alleging legal troubles that the label’s owner had between 2007 and 2010. Star established Jeffree Star Cosmetics in November 2014. According to Forbes, he earned $18 million on YouTube alone in 2018, making him the fifth-highest-paid YouTuber of the year.

Jeffree Lynn Steininger Jr. was born on November 15, 1985, in Los Angeles County, California, and grew up in Orange County, California.

He claims that as a boy, he began experimenting with his mother’s cosmetics and persuaded her to allow him wear it to school while he was in junior high.

Star graduated from Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California, in 2002.

After graduating from high school, he legally changed his name to Jeffree Star and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked in makeup, modeling, and music.

He remembers spending his childhood weekends using a fake ID to go into Hollywood clubs, where celebrities would pay him as a personal makeup artist.

Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend?

Sean van der Wilt, a singer/songwriter/dancer/actor who also happens to be Trisha Paytas’ ex-lover, is said to be Jeffree’s new boyfriend.

On March 1, 2021, Perez Hilton tweeted, “#SeanVanderwilt is #JeffreeStar’s new man, according to sources. A marriage made in hell!” A screenshot of a photo Jeffree tweeted of a half-naked male was included in the message. “He like it when I dress in red. I like it when he doesn’t wear anything “The image had been captioned by Jeffree.

Jeffree and Sean haven’t acknowledged or rejected the reports that they’re dating, so we’ll have to wait and see if/when they go “Instagram official.”

Jeffree Star previously dated Andre Marhold.

In classic Jeffree Star fashion, the Conspiracy palette co-creator teased his new romance before announcing his new boyfriend’s identity. Jeffree stated that he was unmarried during a makeup review in August of 2020, but that he had been talking to someone romantically.

“I am currently unattached. I am not in a relationship. I’m hanging out with someone, but it’s nothing serious, and I’m just f——-g enjoying my quarantine period “In the video, the content provider stated.

Jeffree got his fans talking again with a sultry Instagram snap just days after he shared the “Addressing RUMORS About Me While Testing New Makeup” video.

Jeffree may be seen sitting on the lap of an unknown man in an August Instagram image. While Jeffree did not reveal the identity of his new boyfriend, the man in the photo had numerous tattoos. The fact that he is dating Andre Marhold was discovered by super sleuths.

Andre is a basketball player who has spent the majority of his career in Europe.

Naturally, the discovery of Jeffree’s new man sparked controversy online. Soon after, a lady claiming to be Andre’s girlfriend expressed her views, accusing the makeup artist of breaking up her family.

“It was either ride or die for you. I could have saved our relationship by doing anything “In a since-deleted comment, she allegedly wrote. “Anything.”

Andre and his ex are said to have a child together.

Jeffree was accused of paying Andre to be his boyfriend.

Many users assumed that Jeffree had hired Andre to be his boyfriend because the star of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star has been embroiled in controversy over his prior racist videos and rhetoric.

On August 24, he debunked those rumors on Twitter.

“I understand that this is upsetting news for some, but I don’t pay money to anyone I’m seeing or who is f—-ing me. Sis, work on your own fears; I’m not the issue “he penned

Jeffree Star went on a date with a well-known reality star in June 2020.

Jeffree re-entered the dating game with a reality TV alum five months after he and Nathan broke up. He taped a first date with reality actress Jozea Flores, who you may recognize from Big Brother and The Challenge, in the video titled First Date Does My Makeup.

Imagine inviting a guy around for dinner, but you haven’t gotten ready…so you ask HIM to do your makeup. That’s exactly what’s going on right now. Join us as we follow Jozea as she does my entire face from start to finish before our date!” The video was captioned by Jeffree.

After his breakup with Nathan, it was rumored Jeffree Star was dating YouTuber Mitchell Halliday.

Just one month after Jeffree and Nathan broke up, reports that Jeffree had moved on and began seeing someone else — namely Mmmmitchell (aka Mitchell Halliday) — spread like wildfire. According to PopBuzz, Jeffree quickly put an end to the speculations when Mitchell appeared in one of his videos.

“So, as Mitchell and I were watching the sun rise — not set — various stations and news sites showed up, asking whether this was Jeffree’s comeback. All kidding aside, being in a relationship with anyone is the last thing on my mind. Mitchell and I are extremely close friends… So, today, we’re going to create a truly terrible appearance — no, we’re not going to sleep together “In the video, Jeffree declared directly. Clearly, they’re nothing more than pals.

It appears that followers of Jeffree Star and Sean van der Wilt will have to wait and see if they confirm their connection. In the meantime, we’re sure their fans will be on the lookout for more proof that they’re dating!

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