It’s no secret that Jordan Cashmyers’ baby daddy is a famous TV personality. The couple was featured on MTV show ’16 and Pregnant’ back in 2014. However, it didn’t last long.

Their relationship broke up after the show, and they both signed over their child custody rights to Taylor’s mother. In June 2014, they decided to split and gave her mother temporary custody of their daughter, Evie.

Although Derek Taylor did not speak publicly about Jordan Cashmyer’s death, his social media accounts are private and his Twitter account is unfollowable.

Who is Jordan Cashmyers baby daddy  Derek Taylor

In addition, he used to use ASKfm, and his Avatar was “PoppinBubb13s.” His family was never aware of the relationship, and he remained silent on social media. After the news spread, many fans were shocked that Derek Taylor had a baby with Jordan Cashmyer.

After the show ended, Derek Taylor remained anonymous on social media. His Twitter account is private as well, and his Instagram account is also private. He was once active on ASKfm with the username PoppinBubb13s.

He stayed away from his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, until his baby mother got pregnant. But he’s still in the public eye thanks to the star of 16 and Pregnant.

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