In the final episode of 5 Guys a Week, Lengthy Island resident Alexis, 26, chose Dante as her romantic interest. It’s now time for Joyce from East Hampton to visit the social experiment display in quest of her Mr. Right.

Before receiving a divorce, Joyce and her husband had been married for “20 years.” She once served as the company’s executive leader in home health care. The former couple is now jointly raising their son.

In her invention, Joyce said that someone had told her that “males are terrified” of her. She believes that’s because she has such high self-esteem. She “works long hours,” which is another factor explaining why she hasn’t previously tried, before.

Because she is “no longer getting any younger,” Joyce mentioned in her creation video that she wants to make some changes and focus on “existence/paintings unity.” Joyce has decided to look into something else because she hasn’t been ready to look for the “right person” on her own. In the hopes of finding love, she has invited five strangers to stay at her residence.

Lifetime will broadcast the fourth episode of 5 Guys a Week on August 3, 2022, at 10 p.m.

Who are the males from 5 Guys a Week who like Joyce?

In the upcoming episode of 5 Guys a Week, Joyce will spend each week with 5 unidentified men in the hopes of finding “the only.” The guys will try their hardest to provoke Joyce during this week so they may continue the show until the end and avoid being eliminated.

The 62-year-old owner of an espresso roasting company in Westfield, New Jersey, identifies most strongly with cats. He claims to have “always had a connection” with cats and to enjoy having his back scratched.

Bryant owns three additional businesses in New Jersey. He has a fascinating past that Joyce will undoubtedly find fascinating. He mentioned “an tournament” in his invention when he lost his existence before “getting here again.” Bryant would like to live every day, but since he was in a coma, he would find it impossible to say goodbye.

This 62-year-old man works in design and sales for the home building industry. For a very long time, Kevon has been searching for the right person to fall in love with. Despite being in a relationship for five years, he hasn’t had it easy. He isn’t afraid, though, and he is unable to stop just yet because he is constantly evolving and searching for his “next voyage.”

Ron, a 51-year-old choices dealer from New York City, is convinced that Joyce will be inspired by his height of 6’4″, which he believes his “absolute finest physiological function,” and will divert attention from his baldness, which he refers to as a “curse.”

This Media, Pennsylvania-based business owner and educator claims to have tried “every dating app on the market.” He encountered many “thrilling and a giggle” women his age, but he didn’t think any of them were “very best” for him.

Now, those men will live with Joyce and get to know her more on 5 Guys a Week to see if they are a good fit.

Joyce will host a “kissing sales space” in the episode to see if any of her potential suitors click with her.

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Ron comes on the door and interrupts Joyce and Steve’s second kiss in a preview clip from the TV show 5 Guys a Week. Kevon gives Joyce a passionate kiss towards the conclusion of the video.

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