The former girlfriend of the YouTube star alleged that the aspiring model stalked her former boyfriend for three months. In a series of texts sent to the victim’s brother, he threatened her, threatening to kill her and suggesting that he had a knife inside the car.

He also claimed that he had his son in the car with him.
The rumour mill has been buzzing over the possibility of a relationship between the singer and his wife, but Liam Goodenough hasn’t revealed any details of his personal life. The former AFTV star has never revealed the name of his wife and hasn’t commented publicly on his relationship with her.

Who Is Liam Goodenough Wife
The internet has been awash with reports of a stalking incident involving YouTube sensation Liam Goodenough. Known as MR DT of AFTV, the popular reality star has a huge fan base with over 250,000 subscribers.

The singer, who has more than 259,000 subscribers on YouTube, is the most subscribed podcaster on the platform. His alleged wife has also been tagged as a “wife-beater” because she is the most attractive woman on his social media pages.
Liam Goodenough’s wife hasn’t been publicly identified. However, he has been arrested for stalking. Known online as MR. DT of AFTV has a huge following and owns a popular YouTube channel with more than 250,000 subscribers.

In this case, he sent texts to his ex-girlfriend’s brother out of jealousy. The actress even accused him of threatening to commit suicide, but he managed to escape by escaping by a bystander and quickly returned to the hotel.

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