Sportsman and former world champion Linford Christie was born in Jamaica. Learn about his marriage and children.

He has eight children from three different partners. He is also known for being one of the most divisive athletes in sports history. Christie has had a lot of issues with doping and drug tests.

The IAAF disqualified him for two years after a test revealed the presence of the prohibited steroid nandrolone. Despite all the controversy, Christie is without a doubt one of the best athletes to ever step foot on the field.

Mandy Miller: Who Is She? Linford Christie’s spouse or cohabitant

Linford Christie and Mandy Miller have not yet gotten hitched. The word has it that they are a loving pair.

But the couple also welcomed a daughter, making Christie’s total family size eight. Linford Christie has fathered a total of eight children through his multiple relationships with partners and women.

The 62-year-old Olympic athlete and TV celebrity fathered the children with Letitia Rathbone while remaining in a relationship with a young woman and his girlfriend, Mandy.

It is a given that he and Letitia are not currently dating. However, The Sun reporter Laura Armstrong believes Christie visits Letitia frequently and gives her money.

According to a report in The Sun, Miss Rathbone and Christie’s first child was reportedly born in June 2012 while he was still seeing Miss Miller, and their second child was supposedly born in November 2014 after their relationship had ended.

Mandy and his other kids are believed to be unaware of Letitia and their two sons.

Two sons and six daughters make up the eight children that Linford Christie has.

Beyond simply his love life, Linford Christie’s sporting career was tarnished by controversy. He had eight children, born to three different moms.

Olympic medalist Linford Christie fathered two sons covertly without Mandy Miller’s knowledge. They are five and one years old, and Mandy, the mother of three, isn’t aware of them.

In 2009, Linford, the first British man to win the 100-meter gold medal at an Olympic, Commonwealth, and European Games, met the lovely Letitia at work and secretly started dating her.

Linford gave Letitia his phone number and convinced her to go on a date despite the fact that he and Mandy had been together for 23 years.

What has happened to Linford Christie?

Linford Cicero Christie became the new name for Christie on April 2, 1960 in Saint Andrew, Jamaica.

Linford’s parents moved to London when he was just two years old. His mother, Mabel, completed a nursing program. His father, James, worked a number of professions. He does recall the charm of Jamaican life, though. In what appeared to be a large family home, his aunts, cousins, sisters, and siblings all resided.

At the age of seven, Christie ultimately moved in with them, not far from Loftus Road, home of Queens Park Rangers FC. His teacher advised him to pursue athletics when he was younger because he wanted to be like the late Irish professional footballer George Best.

The Olympian has experienced incredible highs and devastating lows, such as rushing to the shops in Jamaica while wearing the Union Jack.

Christie seems at ease now that his career highs and lows are behind him. The 61-year-old is currently a trainer at a training camp in Portugal.

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