A disturbing incident took place in Hendersonville, Tennessee on August 29, 2022, Monday, when a group of Good Samaritans came together and caught a person who was suspected of recording two women during a verbal altercation while they were standing in front of a yard.

After the accused shot the woman, good samaritans went to him and managed to imprison him until law enforcement authorities came to the scene.

The information spread quickly on social media, and users praised the bravery of the Samaritans while criticizing the accused.

Find out more about the two women that Lloyd T. Martin Jr. shot at his father.

Who is Lloyd T Martin Jr?

The Hendersonville Police Department reported that they learned information regarding the recording of the incident and patrolling police responding to the crime scene at around 3:30 PM in the 100 block of Cavalier Drive in Hendersonville, according to the most recent study.

Law enforcement detained the perpetrator and examined the deceased as soon as they arrived at the scene.

The youngsters were identified by the police department as 60-year-old Laura Undis and 67-year-old Virginia Dierdre Sheen.

The suspect has been identified as 72-year-old Lloyd T. Martin Jr., who was held by the police at the time.

The officer asserted on behalf of the investigation’s findings that Martin had a difficult connection with Laura Udnis, who was 60 years Martin’s senior.

The reported officer explained that they had a complaint about recording video with HFD employees at 3:30 and that they had been given the go-ahead to investigate the incident, which is compelling to witness.

When the rescue services got on the scene, they approached the women and performed life-saving measures to save several of them, but all of the women died as a result of their fatal accidents.

The Hendersonville Fire Department also used Facebook to send condolences to the women’s families.

The investigation team found that Udinis, 60, and Martin, 72, were arguing while standing in the front yard of the house when Sheen, a neighbor, attempted to mediate the situation.

However, instead of listening to Sheen, Martin pulled out his pistol and shot carelessly.

Both women were critically hurt and transported to Hendersonville Medical Center, where they were later pronounced dead.

Authorities have released all of the material, and it is well known that Martin was also apprehended by law enforcement.

He was placed in custody for Summer County. For further details and the latest changes, keep an eye on Social Telecast.


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