According to a document, the EU plans to sanction Vladimir Putin’s purported gymnast lover Alina Kabaeva for her role in Kremlin propaganda.

Kabaeva was added late to the list of people targeted in a sixth round of sanctions against Russia in response to the crisis in Ukraine, after she compared the Soviet victory over Nazism in WWII to Putin’s invasion last month.

Who is Alina Kabaeva?

Alina Kabaeva, also known as Kabayeva, is a Russian politician, media manager, and retired individual rhythmic gymnast.

Kabaeva holds two Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals, and 21 European Championship medals, making her one of the most decorated rhythmic gymnasts in history. She is said to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s lifelong mistress.

Kabaeva represented United Russia in the State Duma from 2007 to 2014. Kabaeva was appointed chairwoman of the National Media Group’s board of directors in September 2014.

Who is Lyasana Kabaeva?

Lyasana Kabaeva’s sister is Lyasana Kabaeva whom Vladimir Putin appointed to the Almetyevsk City Court as a judge in 2016.

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