Sarina Wiegman is a Dutch football manager and former player who is the current head coach of the England women’s national team.

During her playing career, Wiegman started out as a central midfielder later becoming a defender.

Wiegman was born in The Hague and started playing football on the street at an early age.

 At the age of six, she joined ESDO from Wassenaar, where she played alongside boys. She also played for HSV Celeritas from The Hague, where she could join the women’s team. 

Who is Marten Glotzbach, Sarina Wiegman’s husband?

Although Marten Glotzbach has chosen to keep his age private, rumors indicate that he is of German ancestry and is roughly the same age as wife Wiegman, who was born on October 26, 1969.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Glotzbach graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and commerce in 1994.

The German then took many courses to become a football coach, expanding his educational background in 2006 with an emphasis on economics.

What is Marten Glotzbach’s occupation?

The well-known partner began his career as a youth trainer and coordinator at HBS, where he spent about ten years.

However, Marten has been instructing economics and organizing football games at Sebroek College in the Netherlands for the previous 22 years.

Glotzbach is best renowned, though, for leading the Netherlands Women’s National Team.

Additionally, he collaborated with his wife Sarina prior to her appointment as England’s head coach in September 2021.

Do Marten Glotzbach and Sarina Wiegman have children together?

Sacha and Lauren Glotzbach, the couple’s two daughters, were born to them as a couple.

Social media has blocked both of their ages, but on Christmas in 2020, Sarina shared a family photo on Instagram.

The caption reads: “What a year it’s been… living differently, work differently, no fans in the stadiums. We missed you so much! Health is not self-evident, that has become even more clearer in 2020.

“I wish you a very merry Christmas and a very beautiful sporty, and happy 2021.”

Marten Glotzbach’s net is not known.

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