Who is Matt Gaetz wife? Is Matt Gaetz Gay or not? In this article, we will tell you everything you that you need to know about the love life of the American polician and lawyer, Matt Gaetz .

To begin with, Matt Gaetz is currently engaged to his beautiful and lovely girlfriend whose name is Ginger Luckey.

His engagement to Ginger Luckey announcement was made by Gaetz in December 2020.

Ginger Luckey, is the sister of Oculus VR founder and major Republican donor Palmer Luckey.

Matt Gaetz is currently not married. He is also not having children yet.

Is Matt Gaetz Gay?

In June 2020, following an argument with then-Representative Cedric Richmond, Gaetz said he had been living with a 19-year-old immigrant from Cuba, Nestor Galbán, since Galbán was 12, and considered Nestor his son.

He later clarified that Galbán is the brother of an ex-girlfriend of Gaetz’s and that Galbán spends time with his sister, with Gaetz’s family, and with Gaetz.

The two are not related genetically or legally. Gaetz said, “Our relationship as a family is defined by our love for each other, not by any paperwork.”

In 2016, he called Galbán a “local student”; in 2017, he called Galbán “my helper”.

Other personal life of Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz grew up in a house that was used in the film The Truman Show. As of 2018, his parents still live in that house, in Seaside, Florida.

A sign on their white picket fence says “the Truman house”. His younger sister Erin was director of digital content for Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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