If you want to know more about real estate agents and photographers in the United States, read on! There are many things you need to know about Mike Mora, including his personal life, family background, and his love for photography.

Who is Mike Mora
Who is Mike Mora?

Despite his varied professions, he has kept a low profile and has kept his personal details relatively private. Here are some interesting facts about this man: He is married to the beautiful Kelis Jones. The two split up in 2009, but still manage to keep up with their lifestyles.

Born in New York, Mike Mora is the husband of singer Kelis Rogers. The real estate agent is an expert chef, who has seventy-three thousand followers on Instagram.

He has a great interest in animals and loves studying the way they live. He studied in a local New York University and has a Master’s Degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts. His biceps measure fifteen inches.

While he has kept a low profile in his personal life, his celebrity wife Kelis has a high profile, and their relationship is well-documented. His most recent health scare has revealed that he is currently suffering from stage-four stomach cancer.

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