Mireille Mathieu is a singer from France. She has over 1200 songs produced in eleven languages and has sold over 122 million records globally.

Mireille Mathieu was born in Avignon, France, on July 22, 1946, the eldest daughter of fourteen children; her youngest brother was born after she relocated to Paris. Her father Roger and his family were Avignon natives, while Marcelle-Sophie (née Poirier) was a Dunkirk native. She arrived in Avignon in 1944 as a World War II refugee when her grandmother died and her mother disappeared.

Roger and his father Arcade maintained a stonemason shop immediately outside the main gate of the Saint-Véran cemetery. For four generations, the Mathieu family has been stonemasons. The shop is now known as Pompes Funèbres Mathieu-Mardoyan, and it is owned and operated by her sister Réjane’s family.

The Mathieu family lived in poverty until 1954, when subsidized housing was created in the Malpeigné area near the cemetery, greatly improving their living conditions. They then relocated to a big tenement in the Croix des Oiseaux neighborhood southeast of the city in 1961.

Roger had previously aspired to be a singer, but his father Arcade disapproved, prompting him to have one of his children learn to sing in church with him. On her 1968 Christmas record, Mireille added her father’s operatic voice, which was mixed in with the Minuit Chrétiens song. Mireille’s first paid performance in front of an audience, at the age of four, earned her a lollipop when she sang at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve 1950. Seeing Édith Piaf sing on television was a watershed moment. [5]

Because of her dyslexia, Mireille struggled in primary school and had to repeat a year. Her teachers used a ruler to hit her hand every time she was caught writing with it because she was born left-handed. [5] She switched to right-handedness, yet her left hand stays active while singing. She has an incredible recall and never utilizes a stage prompter.

She dropped out of high school and moved to Croix des Oiseaux, where she worked in a local factory in Montfavet (a suburb southeast of town) to help support the family and pay for her singing lessons.

She was well-liked at work, and she frequently sang songs during lunch or while working. She, like her parents, is a petite woman, standing at 1.52 m (5 feet) tall. Monique (French: [mo.nik]), who was born on July 8, 1947, started working at the same plant a few months later. Both were given credit bicycles to use for commuting, resulting in long days and many awful memories of cycling against the mistral winds.

After the factory closed, Mireille and her two sisters (Monique and Christiane) worked as youth counselors at a summer camp before becoming famous, a summer during which she had her fortune read by an old Gypsy woman using Tarot cards, who predicted that she would soon mingle with Kings and Queens.

Mireille is a Roman Catholic, and Saint Rita, the Saint of the Impossible, is her patron saint. Germaine née Charreton, Mireille’s paternal grandmother, convinced her that Saint Rita was the one who interceded with God for hopeless cases.

Beyond religion, she is open about superstition and luck, as are many artists. “The most important one is to never discuss any of them,” she stated when questioned about her superstitions. She suffers from stage fright and is frequently seen making the sign of the cross before entering the stage.

Who is Mireille Mathieu’s partner?

Mathieu does not have a publicist and does not feel compelled to discuss her personal life. She is a practicing Catholic who still attends Mass with her family.

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