The mysterious name Money Kicks has become the talk of Dubai. It was recently reported that a young man from the UAE has agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather.

The fight is expected to be eight rounds and is expected to be broadcast live on YouTube. The unnamed fighter is a billionaire and a YouTube star.

His relationship with his mother has been very private, but it is believed that they have a good chemistry.

As of 2018, Money Kicks has over three million YouTube subscribers. He is one of the youngest and highest-paid stars on the internet, making him an instant sensation in the boxing world.

His net worth is likely to be in the billions, and his earnings from music videos, YouTube videos, and his boxing career are all huge sources of income.

Though the name may not be immediately recognizable, the money-spinning singer is certainly a talented and popular personality.

Money Kicks has a wealth of 3.1 million subscribers on Youtube. He also has a collection of shoes worth millions of dollars and a fleet of cars.

However, before he started making money with YouTube, he turned to the ring.

He was friends with many prominent boxers, including Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather, and Logan Paul.

His popularity has grown to such an extent that Money K. has headlined two Social Knockout events in Dubai in the past year, where he knocked out Ajmal Khan and became one of the youngest boxers in history.

Money Kicks
Money Kicks

Who Is Money Kicks Father?

Millions of fans follow the YouTube star Money Kicks. The son of a billionaire, he has amassed a large fan base on his channel.

He also has a massive collection of watches, shoes, and other luxurious items. He lives in a lavish mansion in Dubai.

Who is his father? Read on to learn more about this controversial YouTube star and his family. But, most of all, who is Money’s father?

What Is Money Kicks Net Worth?

According to various sources, the Net Worth of Money Kicks is $2 billion, including the money that he has received from his father.

Known for his taste in high-end fashion, the videos he posts on his YouTube channel have millions of views.

He spends more than 10 thousand dollars every month on sneakers and owns cars that are worth millions.

The money that he earns from his videos is not enough to support his lavish lifestyle.

How Old Is Money Kicks?

How Old Is Money Kicks? is a video series on YouTube. The youngest son of a billionaire, Rashed Belhasa is an international sensation. His YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers, and he is a huge star.

He has a massive collection of shoes and watches, and a stunning mansion in Dubai. Currently, it is unclear how old he is.

Is Money Kicks Indian?

The YouTube channel is owned by Rashed Belhasa, an Indian rapper. He has a following of over 2 million and has 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

His videos have a global reach and are highly popular.

His rap video, “Lady Luck is a Goddess,” has gained worldwide attention. It also won him a Grammy Award. Is Money Kicks really an Indian rapper? Let’s find out.

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