Government responded to a select few teenager who had stopped breathing in her Tamarac Village condominium on July 13.

The government discovered Kayla Hodgson, a dead girl, inside the apartment. After being fatally stabbed, she passed away.

On July 25, the government issued an arrest warrant for Sakiyna Thompson.

The suspect was apprehended by police on August 3.

Sakiyna Thompson is the person suspected of killing Kayla Hodgson. She had been discovered dead inside a Tamarac Village condo.

Police have finally identified the person responsible for Kayla’s homicide from the previous month. She supposedly has a history of first-degree murder.

Identified as a New Yorker by Sakiyna Thompson

Sakiyna Thompson, a New Yorker, is a murder suspect. On July 13, 2022, the Broward Sheriff’s Office received a file about a girl who was unconcious inside an apartment.

When they arrived, they found the body of a 23-year-old woman in a second-floor condo in the Tamarac Village building at 9322 NW 57th Boulevard, not far from Business Street. The girl was known by her friends as Kayla Hodgson.

Kayla Hodgson’s family members have set up a GoFundMe website.

The authorities issued a warrant for Sakiyna Thompson, a potential suspect, on July 25, 2022. They have been trying to find her ever since. Despite all, news outlets stated on Thursday that she had been taken into custody by the government in connection with the murder of Kayla, 23, in Tamarac.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, she was apprehended by New York Police Department officers on Wednesday in Springfield Gardens, Queens. Brokers anticipate that Thompson will be transferred to Broward County and put on trial for first-degree murder.

Was Sakiyna Thompson formerly a suspect in Kayla Hodgson’s murder?

On Wednesday, the assassin of Kayla Hodgson was captured. The police believed that Sakiyna Thompson had fatally stabbed her.

On the other hand, the reason behind the murder hasn’t been revealed yet. According to the officers, there was no known motive for the murder.

On the other hand, the victim’s friends and relatives were in severe pain and eager for an explanation for Hodgson’s horrific murder. Additionally, the law enforcement authorities have not stated how they came to the conclusion that Thompson was answerable for the development.

Kayla Hodgson’s family group has a GoFundMe page.

By way of her family, Kayla Hodgson’s circle of relatives had a GoFundMe campaign set up. They have already raised more than $15,000, even if they need to carry $50,000.

Her extended family would use the money to help them out of a few financial problems. Additionally, they could use the money to pay for the funeral expenses.

Family members of the victim are inconsolable. She is thought to be a person who is full of life. She was once well-liked by all due to her loyalty and modesty. She was once a lovely granddaughter, sizable sister, daughter, and cousin.

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