Nimra Kazmi, a 16-year-old girl who went missing from Karachi shortly after 14-year-old Dua Zehra, has been found in Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan), according to police. Nimra Kazmi had left home on her own and married Shah Rukh, a DG Khan native, according to the information. The Nikahnama (marriage certificate) has been obtained by the police and is being reviewed by the authorities.

Nimra Kazmi, a 16-year-old girl, went missing from her house in the Saudabad S-1 neighbourhood of Malir Town in Karachi, prompting her parents to file a missing person’s report with the police. According to the report, Nimra Kazmi’s mother went outside her home at 9:00 a.m. on April 20 and later discovered that her daughter had vanished.

She conveyed her suspicions that her daughter had been kidnapped and asked Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, and the Inspector-General (IG), as well as other involved authorities, to take immediate measures to ensure her daughter’s safe and prompt return.

The mother also told the cops that her daughter, Nimra Kazmi, was carrying a cellphone but had not answered any of the calls. Nimra Kazmi, on the other hand, has been found by the police and has issued a video statement indicating that she was not kidnapped but had left home to marry a boy.

Meanwhile, Dua Zehra, a missing teen from Karachi, has been found by the police. According to reports, Dua Zehra was apprehended in Lahore and married a lad named Zaheer Ahmed. She further maintains that she was not kidnapped and that she voluntarily left her house.

Nimra Kazmi: Video message of Karachi girl surfaces

ARY News reported on Monday that Nimra Kazmi, a Karachi girl, posted a video message in which she formally announced her intention to marry Najeeb Shahrukh on her own volition.

Dera Ghazi Khan officials have located Nimra Kazmi, a missing Karachi girl, and have informed the Karachi police about her recovery.

On April 18, Nimra Kazmi married Najeeb Shahrukh of Taunsa, and she also registered her testimony with the police officers.

The young lady had applied to the sessions court to have her nikahnama confirmed. Hafiz Fida Hussain performed the nikah. Kazmi stated she married Najeeb against her will in her statement to the extra sessions judge.

Her parents, she claimed, wanted her to marry an elderly man. She went on to say that she had been engaged to Shahrukh since she was a toddler. The police department and Kazmi’s father were ordered by the court not to harass the couple.

The whereabouts of Nimra Kazmi, another adolescent girl who went missing from the city’s Saudabad district, had been “traced” earlier in the day, according to Karachi police.

According to sources, police have located a 16-year-old adolescent girl using Nimra Kazmi’s CRD (call detail records). “The missing girl, Nimra Kazmi, is currently in Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan) in Punjab,” police stated, adding that she travelled there on her own volition.

Nimra may have married a DG Khan lad who came to Karachi two months ago to meet her and transferred her money via a mobile app, according to the police.

According to officials, the Karachi and Punjab police departments are in contact while the inquiry is ongoing.

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