Who is Patricia Arquette’s daughter? This is the question on everyone’s lips. The actress and director was born April 8, 1968. She has starred in movies like The Big Lebowski and Boyhood. She also directed some of her own projects. She is the proud mother of two children. Her son Enzo was born in 2004. The actor is married to singer and songwriter Paul Rossi.

Who is Patricia Arquette’s daughter?

As a mother of four, Patricia Arquette is the daughter of actor and actress Lewis Arquette and Mardi Arquette. Her parents have four children – three sons and one daughter – all of whom are also actors. Her parents have also been therapists, acting teachers, and producers, which helped her establish her stellar career. She is the eldest of five siblings. She has been married to actor and director John Sidel since 1995.

In addition to her father, Arquette is a single mother. She is the mother of two boys. Her father is a alcoholic and violent abuser. Her mother tries to protect her daughter and teaches her how to cope with these issues. She has two older sisters, Rosanna and Richmond. The actress’s daughter, Harlow Olivia Calliope, has been in the news a lot lately.

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