Let’s check out who Rachel Clark is from the ‘Winter House’ and what she does on the show. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

Who is Rachel Clark from ‘Winter House’?

Rachel Clark was introduced to a few of the housemates after she saved the day with her floral arrangements at Kyle and Amanda’s awesome wedding.

Being single and ready to mingle, Clark is not a fan of the cold, but she is always seen being up ready for new adventures.

When a new romance sparks in the house, Clark will have to figure out if she’s ready to deal with her hesitations about commitment and learn to open up.

Clark, after coming into the with Jessica Stocker and Kory Keefer, Clark doesn’t seem to appear new to our sight as we have actually met her on Summer House.

Rachel Clark is a floral designer

Rachel Clark is not just a floral designer but an amazing designer to be specific. The main reason we met her before is because she stepped in to save the day and do flowers for Kyle and Amanda’s wedding after their florist dropped out at the last minute.

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