Who is Rebecca Soteros?

Who Is Rebecca Soteros?

PAUL Walker’s model-daughter Meadow spent her childhood in Hawaii with her mom Rebecca Soteros.

Paul and Rebecca had a brief-lived relationship before his fame in 2001’s The Fast And The Furious.

Who is Rebecca Soteros, and how did she get there?

McBrain is the pseudonym of Rebecca Soteros. She is also known as McBrain.

Rebecca is a primary school teacher and keeps her profile low.

After meeting in California in early 1998, she dated Paul, an actor then relatively unknown.

Paul was cast in 2001 as Brian O’Conner in Fast And Furious.

It was a huge success and there were nine movies that had been released as part of the series. There are reportedly more in the pipeline.

How long were Paul Walker and Rebecca together for?

Who Is Rebecca Soteros
Photo of Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker.

Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros began dating in 1998. This was also the year that they had Meadow Walker. They parted ways shortly after, but the exact year has not been released.

Rebecca and Meadow moved to Hawaii together, but Meadow returned to California with her father when Meadow was eleven years old.

How did Paul Walker meet Rebecca Soteros?

Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros first met in California in 1998. Walker was not very popular at the time. Walker rose to fame three years later, in 2001, when he was cast as Brian O’Conner on The Fast and Furious.

Why did Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros split?

Although it is not clear what caused the split or when it ended, it is believed that it was short-lived and they never got married.

After the split, Rebecca and Meadow moved to sunny Hawaii with their daughter.

Meadow moved back to California in 2011 with her father. Rebecca followed her ex after her death.

How many children does Rebecca Sorteros currently have?

Rebecca is the mother of Meadow Rain Walker, a daughter.

Meadow was born in 1998, less than one year after her parents got together.

Meadow is pursuing a career as a model and is engaged to her actor boyfriend Louis Thornton–Allan.

Paul, the father of the model, was only 15 when he died in a fatal car accident.

Meadow shared a throwback snap of her and her father on September 12, 2021. This would have been Paul’s 48th Birthday.

Meadow Walker, the daughter of  Rebecca Soteros.
Meadow Walker, the daughter of Rebecca Soteros and Vin Diesel

She captioned it with: “Happy Birthday Daddy, I Love You.”

After his death, Meadow and Rebecca became involved in a custody dispute with Paul’s mother Cheryl Ann. She claimed that her granddaughter was not able to be cared for by her mom Rebecca because she had a drinking problem and that Rebecca was unfit.

Rebecca was reportedly arrested twice for driving under the influence, once in 2003 and again in 2013.

The case was never brought to trial as Cheryl accepted to drop her bid under the condition Rebecca enroll in a rehabilitation program.

It is believed that all three of these women were living together.

Where is Rebecca Soteros?

Rebecca Soteros is currently not whereabouts. This is due to the fact that she has kept a low profile ever since her meeting with Paul Walker.

What was Paul Walker’s age when he had his first child?

Paul Walker was 25 when Meadow Walker became his daughter.

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