Scott Pendlebury is an Australian football player who plays for Collingwood FC in the Australian Football League.

Pendlebury was born in Sale, Victoria’s Gippsland district, on January 7th, 1988. He made his AFL debut in 2006 with the Collingwood Football Club, and two years later, in 2008, he played for Australia in his maiden international match.

Scott is the first AFL player with more than 600 disposals over the course of eight seasons. The Pies captain has played more games than any other player in Collingwood history.

Who is the brother of Scott Pendlebury?

The younger brother of professional Australian footballer Scott Pendlebury, who played for the Collingwood VFL team in the Victorian Football League (VFL).After winning the Joseph Memorial Trophy, Scott’s older brother, Kristopher Pendleburry, coached the Collingwood VFL football team.

However, he was unable to play in the Australian Football League. The AFL star’s younger brother, Ryan Pendlebury, has participated in three different VFL sides.

Alex Pendlebury and Scott Pendlebury are married.

The Gippsland Power product and his longtime partner, Alex Pendlebury, exchanged vows at their wedding ceremony. The wife of Collingwood FC great Scott Pendlebury, Alex Pendlebury, is certified as a model, a nutritionist, and a vitamin coach.

As for DailyMail UK, Alex is 32 years old right now. The couple wed in 2016, and in 2017, they had their son Jax, who is now 5 years old, as their first child. The most recent addition to their family was Darcy, who is now 2 years old in the year 2020.

Scott Pendlebury plays in the AFL

A basketball player in the AFL began his athletic career in high school. The Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra then awarded him a full athletic scholarship, allowing him to enroll there.

But only three weeks after enrolling at AIS, Pendlebury decided to leave the U-18 basketball team and pursue an alternative career route. He went back to Victoria and joined Gippsland Power in the TAC Cup to play professionally.

Pendlebury averaged 17 possessions per game while playing in two games for the U-18 Vic Country team in 2005. In the same year, Gippsland Power selected him to represent them in the TAC Cup. On the recommendation of his manager, Collingwood FC chose him to play AFL after he had a noteworthy season with Gippsland. He has had a long relationship with the club, beginning in 2006.

For his work with the Collingwood Magpies

The 34-year-old athlete won his first Copeland Trophy in 2011 before finishing in the top three 13 times during his 16 seasons with Collingwood. The Copeland Trophy is given to the best and fairest player of the year for Collingwood FC. Only Kevin Murray (age 14) and Gary Dempsey (15) have been able to outperform Scott in these feats.

Out of his 13 top-three finishes, Pendlebury has won the Copeland Trophy five times, just one more than the former captain, Nathan Buckley.

The Collingwood skipper is a considerably more accomplished AFL player. With 11 appearances, he is second only to Lance Franklin (12 appearances) on the Therabody All-Australian 40-man team.

Pendlebury has served as the captain of Collingwood FC since 2014. He also received the AFL Players’ Association Best Captain award. The five-time Copeland Trophy winner received the Anzac Day Medal three times over his career: in 2010, in 2011, and in 2019.

Pendlebury has led the Collingwood squad as captain since 2014, which is a first for the organization. Over the course of his AFL career, No. 10 has tallied over 9000 disposals. Only Robert Harvey, Brent Harvey, and Kevin Bartlett have been able to pull off this feat.

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