Shyre Aquino is also known for being the girlfriend of widely popular singer and television figure Jake Zyrus. Here are some salient facts about her.

The media consistently covers a celebrity partner. In actuality, a handful of people have made it their full-time work.

Shyre gained global attention after becoming engaged to Filipino singer and actor Jake Zyrus.

Jake became well-known after finishing second in “Starstruck” season 2. He changed his name to Jake Zyrus in June 2017 after legally announcing his gender transition from female to male.


1 Who Is Shyre Aquino, Jake Zyrus’ Wife?

Shyre Aquino’s Age and Wiki: Childhood

Has Shyre Aquino Got Kids?

4 What is Shyre Aquino’s net worth?

Who Is Shyre Aquino, Jake Zyrus’s Wife?

Shyre Aquino, Jake Zyrus’s girlfriend, has a license as a nutritionist and a dietitian, according to her Twitter bio. She resides in the Davos neighborhood.

She also works as a personal coach and a health coach. In November 2018, Jake announced his engagement to Shyre Aquino, a non-actor.

Additionally, they intended to change their vows outside of the country because same-sex marriages aren’t recognized there, according to Jake. The musician also disclosed that he plans to invite Oprah Winfrey, an American millionaire, to his and his fiancée’s wedding ceremony.

Shyre promises Jake that he will be accepted regardless of whether he comes out as transgender. She expressed her love for her fiancé’s uniqueness in a brief but meaningful Instagram message that she composed for him.

Shyre Aquino’s Early Life, Age, and Wiki

According to all reports, Shyre Aquino is 25 to 30 years younger. However, it appears that her real age and birthdate are unknown.

Her appearance and the age of her companion lead us to believe that their age gap is not endless. Shyre appears to want to fit within the specified age range.

Her buddy, Hake, is currently 30 years younger. On May 10, 1992, he was born in Cabuyao, Laguna, the Philippines. Zyrus was raised by her single mother, Racquel, after being officially recognized as Charmaine Clarice Rulucio Pempengco in Cabuyao, Laguna province.

There aren’t many sources available that thoroughly discuss Shyre. In this situation, not much is known about her early life.

In contrast, Jake, her partner, started competing in singing competitions on TV and eventually won close to 100 prizes to support the family.

Zyrus took part in “Little Big Star” in 2005, the Philippine version of “American Idol” at the time. After being eliminated during the first effectiveness, Zyrus was called back in as a wildcard candidate and eventually advanced to the championship round.

Zyrus also made a few appearances in commercials and local television programs, but after “Little Big Star,” he essentially disappeared from the public’s consciousness. It wasn’t until 2007 that Zyrus began to establish a reputation as a devoted supporter.

FlaseVoice also began uploading a variety of performances to YouTube. After these videos received more than 15 million views, Zyrus started to gain online fame.

Has Shyre Aquino eve?r had kids

There are currently no children born to Jake and Shyre. However, they might have wanted to start making long-term plans earlier.

Eggsy, a pug, and Chacoy are the couple’s two pets at the moment (Shih Tzu).

How much money is Shyre Aquino worth?

Shyre Aquino’s income and net worth aren’t known. She is a certified dietician and nutritionist, but nothing is known about her professional past. In that case, inferring things about her just from her money may not be accurate.

According to celeb web worth, Jake Zyrus has a $6 million net worth.

Additionally, the amount of “dollars” he makes annually may range from a few thousand to ten thousand. Because of his money accumulation, Zyrus has an idyllic life free from concerns about his financial situation.

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