Who Is Tammy Daybell Son Garth Daybell And What Did He Say About His Mother’s Death?

Tammy Daybell is a graduate of Brigham Young University who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Daybell worked as a publisher and was an author about end-time fiction. He also worked as a gravedigger.

In 2004, Tammy Daybell’s partner Chad created the Spring Creek Book Company. His partner is only known as Douglas, a graphic artist and manager.

Chad got married to his first wife, Tamara Douglas, also known as Tammy in 1990. Their union produced five children: Garth, Emma, Seth, Leah, and Mark.

Tammy however died in 2019. Two weeks later, Chad got married to his second wife, Lori Vallow.

The Police were suspicious about Chad and Lori’s marriage. They then began investigations on Tammy Daybell’s death.

The family was told that Tammy died of natural causes. However, the police exhumed her body and an autopsy was performed.

The results of that autopsy have not been publicly revealed. However, Garth Daybell says that authorities told him how they believe his mother died.

According to him, he was told that his mother had been asphyxiated. But they never saw an autopsy.

Garth Daybell was home when his mother died. He said he heard a thump, and then his father yelled in a panicked manner.

When he got to his parent’s bedroom, his mother was dead.

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