Actress and Bharatha Natyam dancer Pallavi Sharda was born in India and currently resides in Australia.

Hawaizaada and Begum Jaan, two Bollywood productions, did not receive nominations for their respective films, but the actress’s picture Lion did. She also stars in the Australian comedies Save Your Legs! and Les Norton on Australian television.

The Bollywood films My Name is Khan, Dus Tola, Hawaizaada, and Besharam all feature her work. This actress also made an appearance in the Tom & Jerry movie from 2021.

Pallavi made her acting debut in Bollywood in 2010 with a cameo appearance in Karan Johar’s movie My Name Is Khan. She later participated in a beauty contest and won the title of Omit India Australia in Sydney.

The two projects Sharda has been working on recently are Retrograde and Beecham Space, an ABC comedy and historical drama. Additionally, she is working on her first book, which will be published as an electronic newsletter in 2023 and will discuss the difficulties she faces as an Indian woman living in Australia.

Pallavi Sharda: Does She Have a Husband? Who is she dating?

Pallavi Sharda isn’t yet married in real life, but in her long-term movie, she falls in love with Suraj Sharma’s character, Ravi.

Pallavi and Sharda from the film Wedding Season

In the upcoming movie Wedding Season, played by an Australian actor who is single in real life, Asha Maurya’s character, played by Pallavi, falls in love with Ravi, played by Suraj Sharma.

There are currently no rumors of Pallavi courting anyone, and she is currently unmarried. Because she tries to keep her personal and professional lives apart, the actress hasn’t addressed any of her love relationships in any of her social media posts.

A 36-year-old actress keeps an excessively low-key and discreet personal life. Preeta, the character she plays, however, marries Ben in a cool animated Tom and Jerry movie.

Who are Pallavi Sharda’s parents?

Pallavi Sharda was born into an Indian family in Perth, Western Australia, to Hema Sharda and Nalin Kant Sharda.

Her parents are IIT graduates with advanced degrees in science and engineering. And before conceiving their daughter, Hema and Nalin relocated to Australia in the 1980s. Then, Pallavi was born on March 22, 1988.

Sharda was raised in Melbourne’s outer north-western suburbs after arriving as a young child. She was able to attend Lowther Corridor in Essendon thanks to a scholarship for varsity.

Sharda began her LLB, BA, and degree in Modern Languages at the College of Melbourne when she was just 16 years old. Following her graduation in 2010, Pallavi relocated her home base from Melbourne to Mumbai.

Pallavi Sharda’s family tree and ethnic background

Pallavi is of Indian heritage even though she is an Australian citizen and of Indian ancestry.

Before moving to Australia, the actress’s parents, her mother from Delhi and her father from Mumbai, were both natives of those countries. After your marriage, they relocated to Australia, where Pallavi Sharda’s was originally from.

Pallavi’s father and mother were both IIT engineers who later obtained PhDs in engineering and science. The actress, who hails from a well-educated family tree, graduated from college with just the proper grades and LLB and BA degrees.

The daughter of Hema and Nalin, who is from a Panjabi family, practices the Hindu faith. In the person of Ankur Sharda, she also has a sibling.

Pallavi’s salary in 2022

Pallavi Sharda’s net worth as an actor is expected to range from $1 million to $5 million in 2022.

Pallavi can earn between two and three crores for a film, according to research and rumors.In addition, the actress earns between 10 and 50 lakhs per month from advertisements and brand marketing.

Along with acting and commercial work, the actress also makes money from modeling and social media posts. Pallavi thus lives a wealthy and opulent lifestyle thanks to the money she makes through her acting, endorsements, and advertisements.

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