Who is the tallest tennis player in history
American professional tennis player Reilly Opelka is the tallest player in history at six feet 11 inches. His record-breaking serve is in the low 140 mph range.

His height has made him the tallest tennis player in history. He can also hit the ball in the low 140 mph range. Opelka’s height is no longer an issue. Other players are now eying the record.

Amongst all the tennis greats, Ivo Karlovic stands out as the tallest. He is a left-handed player who has won eight ATP singles titles.

He was the world’s best server and once held the record for the most aces served. Only four players have topped a ten thousand-aces mark. He has been able to serve at high speeds and different trajectories, making him one of the tallest players in history.

Other tall players include Marin Cilic, who stands at 6’6″ and beat Rodger Federer in the US Open in 2014. He won the Davis Cup in 2018, and rose to no. 3 in the world rankings.

Then there is Sam Querrey, who stands at six feet, six inches and has the record for most consecutive aces. While there are several other tall players, this article has focused on the two most prominent athletes.

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