Who is the wife of Richard Moore, South Carolina inmate Richard Moore? Let’s get to know in this article.

The specifics surrounding the sentence for Richard Moore drew headlines after his execution. The justice system decided to find Richard as guilty for murder, and in the process Richard was sentenced to death. South Carolina native was placed on death row.

Who is Richard Moore?

As of 1999 South Carolina native Richard Moore was arrested in an convenience store with plans to commit the crime of robbery.

There was a report that Richard was planning to rob the shop to help fund his addiction to cocaine.
At some point, a fight was fought between the clerk and the man working on shift.
The battle culminated in Richard shooting the clerk of the store inside the chest, effectively taking his life.

What was Robert Moore convicted of?

Robert was arrested in connection with the incident. His trial began in October 2001.
He was charged with killing, assault with the intent to kill, armed robbery and a firearms violation.

The jury found him guilty of all the charges.
On the 22nd of October, 2001, his sentence was pronounced by the judge.

Robert was sentenced to the death punishment for the murder of James Mahoney, who was 42 years old.
The initial plan was for him to execute on the 22nd of January the 22nd of January, 2002.
Several years of appealing the death sentence led to delays in the execution until a few years later.

Robert’s execution via lethal injection was transferred to a later date on December 4 in 2020.
The South Carolina state South Carolina was unable to get the necessary drugs to carry out the injection that would be lethal that caused the execution to be moved forward even more.
In the wake of long delay in obtaining the right substances to administer an injection that kills The state decided to add an option for firing squads in its place.

Robert was offered the option between the electric chair and execution by firing squad. He eventually chose the former.

The execution of his firing squad is scheduled to occur on the 29th of April, 2022.

Who is the wife of Richard Moore, South Carolina inmate Richard Moore?

There are no informations about the wife and kids of the South Carolina inmate, Richard Moore.

Nothing about his personal life was covered by the media.

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