Known as a senior writer for the Golf Channel and the Tampa Times, Tim Rosaforte has several fans and admirers who are interested in his personal life.

The former political consultant is also the author of five books and has married three different women. His wife, Genevieve Stewart, was born in the United States.

He started his career with the Tampa Tribune in 1977 and moved on to work for The Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel. He also worked at Sports Illustrated in 1994 and then at Golf Digest/World in 1996.

Tim Rosaforte’s wife, Genevieve Stewart, has remained very low-key online. She keeps a low profile on social media and appears to be a full-time mother to her two children.

The couple had three children together and one of them died several years ago. Her daughter, Molly Gibson, married real estate agent Nick Bezek. She had three grandchildren.

The first child of Tim Rosaforte and his wife, Genevieve Stewart, was born in 1977. The couple remained married for 40 years and had two daughters.

The couple also had one son, a daughter, and a son-in-law. Their daughter, Molly Gibson, married a real estate agent Nick Bezek in 2018 and had her first child last year. She died a few years ago from Alzheimer’s disease.

Who Is Tim Rosaforte’s Wife Genevieve Stewart?
Who Is Tim Rosaforte’s Wife Genevieve Stewart?

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