William Afton’s wife is called Ballora Clara Afton. Clara Afton died after having an Argument with William Afton, Clara Afton was driving and then driving off of a cliff to her death wondering how did.

William Afton and Ballora Afton Claara
William Afton and Ballora Afton Clara. source/twitter.com/

When did William Afton and Ballora Clara meet?

Balora is a ballet dancer, and Ballora Afton Clara voice is Michelle Moss. Ballora Afton Clara belongs to tge Animatronic Humanoid species and first appeared on Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location.

Whereas Ballora Afton Clara is a recurring character from the show the immortal and restles, Ballora Afton Clara is voiced by Amber Lee Connors.

William Afton and his wife Ballora Afton Clara
William Afton and her wife, Ballora Afton Clara. source/twitter.com/

Ballora Afton Clara is the distressed wife of Vlad, who disowns her and her child.

Some people also say that Ballora Afton Clara possesses Ball or a, but it is just a theory.

Who Is William Afton's Wife?
Ballora Afton Clara and William Afton. source/twitter.com/

Some fans even argue that Ballora Afton Clara drove off a cliff and eventually died. But all of this is also nothing more than a theory and does not give us a vivid answer.

Ballora Afton Clara possessions of Mrs. Afton is not confirmed yet, but one of MatPat’s theories claims that Williams built Ballora Afton Clara in Mrs. Afton’s perspective and Ballora’s song.

The theory indicates that, Ballora Afro Clara married Williams Afton and had three children with him.

William Afton and Wife, Ballora Afton Clara
William Afton and Wife, Ballora Afton Clara. source/twitter.com/

Also, in the show of FNAF, the immortal and restless, which is about the couple Ballora Afton Clara and Vlad in which Vlad wants to disobey Ballora Afton Clara and her son.

Ballora Afton Clara tries to convince him with everything evidence, but he still denies it. So another theory claims that tjis show is based on Williams and Mrs. Ballora Afton Clara relationship.

They justify by saying that William didn’t want to be a part of Michael’s life while Mrs.Ballora Afton Clara tries to convince him to stay.

William Afton and Ballora Afton Clara
William Afton and Ballora Afton Clara. source/twitter.com/

Some theories also claims that Afton’s wife died in spring lock failure. William loves Ballora Afton Clara so much in such a way that he indulged in drinking to cope up with the grief of loss.

The fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise keep debating over the internet about the existence of William’s wife.

Several theories have given based on different shredded of evidence.

Who is Ballora Afton Clara?

Ballora Afton Clara is an animated from Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location.

Ballora Afton Clara resembles a ballerina and is a part of the ‘Funtime’ series pf animatronic created by Williams Afton to kidnap and murder children for him.

Ballora Afton Clara
Ballora Afton Clara. source/twitteer.com/

Originally the main attraction of the Ballora Afton Clara Gallery in Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals.

Ballora Afton Clara Eyes

So, while this may be the tiniest piece of proof I have, every piece of evidence is valuable smile:

Ballora’s eyes are purple when she opens them, which could be a hint that she has something to do with William Afton other than being one of his many victims.

Ballora Afton Clara and Circus Baby

The relationship between Circus Baby and Ballora appears to be unique among animatronics. Ballora comes up a lot in Circus Baby. This could indicate that Ballora and Circus Baby share more than just a friendship.

Ballora Afton Clara’s Characteristics

Ballora’s design resembles a motherly figure in my opinion. Basically everything there is to know about her.

Ballora Afton Clara
Ballora Afton Clara. source/twitter.com/

Ballora Afton Clara Attitude

So far, Spring Trap/Scrap Trap and Ballora are the only adult souls (in my perspective). They’d act more mature than the rest of the animatronics because they’re both grownups.

Ballora’s tone and actions in the sister location are similar to how any adult would act in her situation.

Ballora Afton Clara Songs

This is the most substantial piece of evidence I have so far for this theory. If you’re unfamiliar with Ballora’s song, here are the lyrics:
Why do you seek refuge within your fortifications?
When my halls are filled with music?
I just see an empty room.
An empty tomb means no more joy
It’s wonderful to be able to sing all day.
to spin, to fly away, to dance, to dance, to dance, to dance, to dance, to dance,

Why do you shut yourself away within your four walls?
Some individuals (and yes, I’ve asked) believe this has something to do with the nightguard stationed inside the office. But here’s what I believe it means:
“Why are you hiding these killings, what do you do with those kids?” Ballora says to William Afton (supposedly her husband).

I just see an empty room
Does anybody really recall a scene in Fnaf 4 (I believe) where a girl’s room was left empty? So, I’m assuming Elizabeth Afton died before Mrs. Afton, which means Mrs. Afton mourned her loss. Also, Elizabeth’s room would be empty, with only her belongings remaining.

An empty tomb means no more joy
Now, as far as I could tell, Elizabeth was the Afton family’s ray of sunshine, thus her death has left the family…well…broken. “An empty grave,” Ballora continues, alluding to Elizabeth’s room. Ballora might be reminded of the one she had lost in Elizabeth’s chamber, which would make her miss her.

Ballora Afton Clara aa the wife of William Afton, there are needed and important information but we will update these information as soon as possible.

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