Her efforts prove to be fruitless, but she is determined to find the truth. Her mission is complicated by the circumstances surrounding the case, and Grace finds herself in a new and dangerous situation.

The authors, Richard Buskin and Jay Margolis claim to have proof that Monroe was poisoned by Bobby Kennedy, the US Attorney General at the time of the murder.

Who Killed Marilyn Monroe Book
The Who Killed Marilyn Monroe Book is a sexy mystery set in the world of Hollywood. The murder of the glamorous actress leaves behind a trail of dead bodies. Grace Smith, a tough ex-cop PI, is charged with finding the killer in an unfamiliar location.

They cite secret police files and the diary of Monroe, who claimed to be enraged and about to spill secrets. The author also claims to have proof that the murder was a cover-up.

The Who Killed Marilyn, Part I and II are both well-written and detailed and should be recommended to all fans of the actress.
“Whose Killed Marilyn Monroe? By Norman Mailer” claims to be an excellent biography written by two investigative journalists. The book focuses on the life of the late actress, who died at age forty-one in 1963. Although the cause of Monroe’s death has been declared a suicide, the mystery surrounding her death has always been shrouded in suspicion and conspiracy theories. In Who Killed Marilyn Monroe Book?

Wright analyzes the testimony of her friends, lovers, business contacts, and business contacts to help make a case for the death of the actress. The book also covers the opinions of a few powerful men in the entertainment industry.

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