The question of who shot Rapper Slim 400 has been circulating on the internet for months. It is unclear why the artist was killed, and the motives behind it remain unclear. According to reports, he was visiting his family in Compton when he was gunned down by an unknown individual. While there are many theories surrounding his death, some of them seem more likely than others. Here are some of the most common suspects.

It was revealed in February 2021 that a gang of thugs attacked Slim 400 in Los Angeles. The shooter targeted him multiple times, and the rapper survived after undergoing surgery. The killers also killed his manager, YG. YG, a rival of Slim 400, stayed with Slim 400 for the duration of his hospital stay. After the shooting, YG and Tekashi 69 appeared at the scene of the crime and remained with him until the night.

The gang-related killings are not uncommon, but the police are still unsure of the motives of those who committed them. It is believed that Slim 400’s death was a targeted and gang-related crime, which almost always means revenge. However, there is video evidence that shows the suspect walking up a driveway with a gun, and the shots continued after Slim 400 exited the car.

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