This article is here to direct you to the page of the very person that “Baby, I’m Yours” comes from. It’s sometimes very annoying and damn a whole lot someone goes through to let go of a song that one would like to get on his or her device but because of not knowing the name of who sang it, even if Shazam couldn’t help. Let’s press a bit further to discover more;

Who Sings “Baby, I’m Yours” Song on TikTok?

“I’m Yours” is a song that was previewed by Isabel LaRosa (@official_isabellarosa) on TikTok that got fans going craz*.

Isabel LaRosa uses TikTok to share her music, where she uploaded a snippet of an upcoming song on the platform and then used it in one of her videos.

LaRosa labeled the audio on TikTok as “I’m Yours’ by Isabel LaRosa Sped Up” with the intentions of giving good clarification that her own is totally different from Jason Mraz’s song of the same name.

“I’m Yours” audio clip (TikTok)

She later explained in the comment section that this audio was taken from an upcoming song that she is yet to release. We are hoping the song actually comes with the title “I’m Yours” as she used it in the audio clip.


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