The Los Angeles Police Department has better rules for the super-rich. It’s up to the family and the victims of the film mogul to settle the lawsuit and get their share. The money can be used to pay off creditors or even pay off the law firm.
The money comes from the family trust. The Durst family has a net worth of $8.1 billion. They own sixteen million square feet of prime real estate in New York and a 10 per cent stake in One World Trade Center.

According to a recent news report, the actor had a girlfriend with whom he was involved in the murder. It’s possible that the money from the trust is being used to pay off his debts and support his charitable causes.

Who Takes Robert Durst Money
One of the most well-known swindlers of money is Hollywood actor Robert Durst. In a 2006 financial settlement, the movie star reaped nearly $65 million. But who takes the money?

The billions of dollars in his bank account are just the beginning. His family members were scared when their friend went to jail. Tom and Douglas wanted to stay close to their beloved husband, but his erratic behaviour sent them into hiding. Then in 2006, the Dursts bought out the trusts in his family for $100 million.

This was a massive windfall, as Durst’s family empire included 10 New York skyscrapers.

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Who will inherit Robert Durst properties

At the time of his death, Robert was married to Deborah Lee Charatan who has the legal right to inherit all of Robert’s properties.

Robert and Deborah had no children neither did he have any with his first wife Kathleen before her surprising disappearance.

Who takes Robert Durst money?
Who will inherit Robert Durst’s properties?

This leaves Deborah the rightful person to inherit the majority if not all of the fortune although they were not in very good terms before his demise. It was reported that Robert has had an interview in which he had confessed to murdering other people which might have caused the row between the couple. That notwithstanding, they were married legally.

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