Who was bigger Nicky Barnes or Frank Lucas?

Who was bigger Nicky Barnes or Frank Lucas: The film “Who Was Bigger” focuses on the drug trade between two New York City gangsters, Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes. Both were prominent figures in the early 1970s, and their rivalries were legendary.

The former made headlines for claiming that he made $1 million a day selling drugs, which in today’s money would be about $6 million. The film is a riveting tale of a man who sat atop an empire of dope.

At the height of their gangland careers, Nicky Barnes was the king of the drug business above 110th Street. However, the rivalry between the two men ruined their empires.

Neither had the requisite personnel to take advantage of the lucrative heroin trade. In jail, Barnes was furious over the deaths of his associates.

Eventually, he turned on them and ratted them out, but not before giving up his flamboyance.

After his release from jail, Frank Lucas went into a witness protection program. As a result, his name faded from the public eye.

His fame came back briefly when the author Tom Folsom wrote a book about him, “Mr. Untouchable,” and he also appeared in the documentary “American Gangster.”

He was even featured in the documentary “Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power,” but he was irritated by the attention given to Frank Lucas.

Who was bigger Nicky Barnes or Frank Lucas?

It is difficult to tell who was bigger between Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas because both Drug lords were bigger in their own ways.

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