Who was Easy-E wife ?

Easy-E had many women with who he had affairs. It then raises the question who particular was his wife. Who was Easy-E’s wife?.

This write-up answers the above question and the following. Was Easy-E married? Who was Easy -E wife? Is she still alive and even more.

Was Easy-E married ?

Yes Easy-E married. He got married to his long-time girlfriend while he was in critical condition at the hospital on March 14, 1995.

Who is Easy-E wife?

Easy-E got married to Tomica Woods. A film producer.

Is Easy-E wife still alive ?

Tomica Wright is still alive. She is 53 years now.

Does Easy-E and his wife have children?

Easy-E and Tomica Wright had two children together. Dominick Wright and Daijah Wright. He had 9 other children with other women.

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Net worth of Easy-E wife

Tomica Wright has an estimated worth of $16 million of which a chunk of it was from inheritance from his late husband.

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