Fanny Serrano dies at age 72.

Fanny Serrano was already a well-known figure, and people were curious in learning more about him, but now the entire globe is looking for him. Everything about him is all over social media. Some people are curious about her personal life, such as her family, net worth, and salary, while others are curious about her work life. “A Real News” has released a large amount of information.

Fanny Serrano, a famous tik tok star, model, actress, and makeup artist, is the subject of this blog. She was well-known in the cosmetics industry and had a French diploma. She gives brides the best appearance, elegant looks, or Instagram videos. Fanny assists women in looking their best during weddings, marriages, and other events. For her clients, she only used the highest-quality items. Her social media platforms have millions of followers and a large fan base. Her videos went viral on social media, and she became famous.

Fanny was a well-known makeup artist with a large following on Instagram. She was born and raised in the Philippines. Many people enjoy her cosmetic tutorials and are curious about her personal life, such as if she is married or not. Her husband’s name had not yet been mentioned.

How did Fanny Serrano died?

Celebrity makeup artist Fanny Serrano has passed away on Tuesday night, May 10.

Maktin Miranda, who calls the popular makeup artist her father, confirmed the news on social media Wednesday, saying Fanny passed away at around 9pm on Tuesday “at the comfort of our home.”

Speaking to GMA News Online, Maktin said Fanny “suffered from a massive stroke since March 2021, and he has been recuperating since then.”

“He died peacefully in his sleep,” she added.

In her Facebook post, Maktin said, “the whole family is comforted by the fact that a lot of you are celebrating his life and paying tribute on how he has touched people’s lives.”

“We appreciate everyone’s condolences. Thank you for being with us on this difficult time,” she said.

In a separate Facebook post, Maktin paid tribute and gave thanks to Fanny.

“Thank you to this Man who nurtured, cared and loved me, the one I called Papa, this Man who taught me the true meaning of life,” she said.

“I AM PROUD TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER. Maulit man ang mundo, ikaw at ikaw pa din ang ipagdadasal ko na maging tatay ko. Curtains down, it’s your final bow, but your LEGACY lives on forever,” Maktin concluded.

According to Maktin the family initially wanted to keep things private. “Pero we saw the outpouring of love para kay Papa,” Maktin told GMA News. “We know he is a public figure at madaming gusto makiramay. Ayaw po namin tanggalin sa kanila ang karapatan na yun.” 

Details of his internment will be announced as soon as the family irons everything out.

“Sobrang nakaka-comfort sa puso na malaman my Papa served his purpose,” she added.

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